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What is the best kit to start with?

Choose Your Essential Oil Starter Kit!

The best way to get started with doTERRA is through buying a starter kit. It is the most cost-effective way and through the membership included in the kit you get 25% off for a year!

Take a look at those kits:

1. The most popular kit:

  • The Home Essentials Kit is the best value-for-money starter kit
  • It has the top ten essentials oils in big bottles (including 15ml of the precious Frankincense)
  • This kit comes with a Petal Diffuser, so you can start diffusing right away when you got your package
  • The perfect "wellness cabinet" for your home that will last

2. The all-rounder kit:

  • The Family Wellness Kit comes with the Life Long Vitality supplements (they are boosting your energy daily and have essential oils in them)
  • Perfect start for a healthy lifestyle!
  • Contains the top ten essential oils in 5ml bottles
  • Extra support: Past Tense roller for neck tension, On Guard soft gels for immune support
  • Clean teeth with the essential oil infused OnGuard toothpaste
  • Easily dilution of the oils with Fractionated Coconutoil
  • Wash your hands with the OnGuard foam and smell like Christmas all year long

3. The entry level kit:

  • The perfect kit for those who start with a smaller investment
  • 10 oils in a 5ml bottles for your overall wellness
  • Notice: this kit does not come with a diffuser
  • You get a bottle of Slim & Sassy 15ml - the metabolic blend (I will show you how to use it to get nice smooth skin and to regulate your appetite)

The "Get-It-All-Kit":

  • It is for those who need a total "Lifestyle-Makeover" in order to reach new health goals 
  • Boost your energy with the essential oils infused supplements (LLV) & healthy gut with TerraZyme
  • Wide range of essential oils & diffuser to make your home smell amazingly and to support your whole body & mood
  • Special essential oil blends in rollers for special support (like Clary Calm for menstruation, Past Tense for releasing neck tension)
  • Looking good: hair care & skin care with essential oils
  • Help at hand: breath vapour stick & correct x 
  • Strong immune system with the OnGuard series

There is a kit for everyone and everyone gets my personal support as well. I will go through every product you purchased and help you to integrate this into a daily routine to make sure you get the most out of your products.

If you want to talk this through with someone, do not hesitate to contact me, I can help you to find out which kits suits your needs! Contact me here.

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