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Dive Deeper: The Spirit Ōils Community

Dive deeper into essential oils - an online space for lightworkers & soul searchers

Join my Facebook-goup Spirit Ōils

This is THE place where I share everything I know about essential oils, where you get support and where you will receive lots of inspiration and tipps. I put much energy into this group cause I know that essential oils, just like flower essences, are the missing link when it comes to taking care of your physical health, emotional balance & spiritual wellbeing.

I use both flower essences and essential oils daily. Both have their place in my life. Especially when it comes to my physical health, I am so relieved to have found a system, that is easy to learn and very effective - and smells amazingly : )

Two years ago, my focus was mainly on my emotions and my subtle energy body when it came to self-care. I did not realise that lots of my emotional discomfort actually has a cause in my body that was out of balance. Essential oils help me to anchor myself in my body and bring me this vibrant energy that I need in order to live an aligned life.

In my group I share:

  • daily post with tips on how to use the oils
  • oils for energy work
  • special diffuser blends for alignment to your soul
  • amazing roller-blends and how to's of using essential oils

In July I created a quiz, where the members were able to find out which essential oil is of most benefit for their chakras. I showed them how to make their own cute little chakra balancing kit.

If you are curious about essential oils, if you want to know more, dive deeper, I welcome you to join my community: Spirit Ōils.

See you soon!

With much love,


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